How to Be a Successful Medical Assistant
June 25, 2019
Career Services
September 25, 2019

Getting ready for your new Career!

Getting Ready For Your New Career...

Don’t know where to start?! Job hunting can feel a little bit daunting in the beginning, getting started is the hardest part! These few tips can help ease you into it!

1. Prepare yourself


In today’s job market, Medical careers are booming! By all means this doesn’t mean that you should bounce from job to job. There are many tips for success in this field to help you stick with a job. Knowing what to expect and making connections.

2. Highlight lessons learned


Ideally, your Career will look like an impressive list of organized moves, with each previous one providing a stepping stone to a better job and better money, but it doesn’t work out that way, and there will be times that the job just doesn’t fit, you make mistakes, or the other staff just don’t like you. Don’t beat yourself up about it, embrace mistakes, and learn that in hindsight, you would have done it differently.

3. Slow Down


Your Career is based upon years of training and experience in your jobs and positions held. It’s never a good reason to rush into a position that isn’t exactly what you want. You want to make sure this position is the right one and making a plan on acing the interview.

4. Negative vibes

When announcing your looking for a new job, there are going to be those who are helpful ….and those that aren’t. Ignore them, you’ve got this! No negative voices are going to hold you back!

5. Know what works, and what doesn’t

Success used to come from sticking it out at one job for 30 + years until you retired but not anymore. Sometimes climbing the ladder requires more initiative than will power and figuring out what you want in your new job and go for it!

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