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August 21, 2019

Career Services

Bell Brown Medical Institute is committed to providing job placement and assistance for our graduates. We give the highest quality training and preparation to enable students to find a placement and walk on to the job with full confidence in their skills.

BBMI assign Career Coaches to all students of Bell Brown Medical Institute to help prepare them professionally, and help land their career after graduation. BBMI provides: 


  • Externship Training Program 


  • Career Counseling 


  • Ongoing Support & Resources 


  • Special Events 


  • Resume and Portfolio Builder 


  • Career Placement App 


  • Tutoring 


  • Instructor Support 

Students can find career placement resources on Bell Browns Career Portal. Our Career Portal is an excellent resource for students and Alumni to get the most out of their externship and hands-on experience training. Combining all of the above resources provide the students with a clear path after graduation.  


Externships are granted for Medical Assistant program graduates to get a hands-on experience that will prepare them for placement in their field. The confidence and networking that an externship provides has an enormous impact on the graduate and provides them with the day to day motions of a medical setting. 


Career Counseling is provided to students who want to be reassured about the future of their field and their role in it. BBMI work to encourage students of their reinforce their knowledge and ability to perform using the skills and practices learned from their courses.  


Ongoing support and resources are provided to students and Alumni throughout their careers, and job seeking. Our College Career Network and counseling services are always available to all BBMI students and graduates.  


Tutoring is offered to all students for course work and certification exams. Tutoring is mandatory for students who are on academic probation. 

Resume and Portfolio Builder is available through the College Career Network (CCN) to aid in the construction and updates on your resume and career portfolio.  

Special events are held for career-building workshops, networking, and job fairs. Ice cream socials, Coffee and career workshops, and BBMI’s exclusive multi-employer career fair are a few examples of special events held for our students and alumni.


Career Placement App 

BBMI employ a career placement app. College Career Network (CCN)  

Search jobs posted at our school!


Instructor Support is a BBMI standard. Our great team of instructors is available to students that need extra assistance or advice from their instructors. Our staff is dedicated to serving student needs in their preparation for their careers.  

Leadership and Professionalism courses are provided in all BBMI programs. The quality of our programs is gauged by how well out the graduates perform after they leave our doors. To ensure the best possible outcome for our graduates, we teach leadership techniques and professional conduct.  

Our Career Portal and Career services App provide podcasts and informational blogs on a variety of job-related topics.

Students can find Career Placement resources on Bell Browns Career Portal. Our Career Portal is an excellent resource for our students and Alumni.

Click here get the latest job news, events, and advice.  Our ongoing commitment is to helping our Alumni with landing interviews. As well as guiding them through the hiring process. Combining all of the above programs and services we provide the students with a clear path after graduation.

Our Career Services Team are available to students, and Alumni.


We provide career advice, resume proofing, mock interviews, and extended support for Alumni. The team hold job fairs and networking social events. They are committed to job placement of the all graduates. Our career services team coaches’ students though practice interviews to ease any anxiety and simplify the interview process. They are helping student’s perfect resumes and making their job-seeking experience as easy as possible.  

Jessica Saylor (Dean of Students) gives a virtual tour of the annual Career Fair. This fair featured twelve employers from top hospitals and clinics from the Florissant (Main Campus) area.

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