In order to provide a space where our students are students are comfortable with we offer small class sizes and distance learning for the lecture portion of the course. Online learning formats that are flexible, supportive, and cost-effective. Students can attend  in-person lectures or online. Labs are in- person only. For the health and safety of our students and staff we provide:


  • Small Class Sizes
  • Optional Online Interactive Lectures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Clinincal Disinfecting

Bell Brown Medical Institute has a relationship with employers across Missouri to help our graduating students find job opportunities. Online lectures have mandatory attendance.  Online lectures and assignments hold the same weight as in person classes. For more details contact the Campus Registrar Kirsten Tripaldi 877-219-5420 ext: 403



93% Of Our Students Would Recommend Bell Brown Medical Institute To their Family and Friends.​

  1. Applicable to online programs.
  2. Source: BBMI Student Satisfaction Survey 2020